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Windows Server 2003 – Time to move on?

27/04/2015 08:34 by Sarah Bailey
Marketing Campaigns Manager

It might not feel like over 10 years ago when you first introduced WS 2003 into your business; in fact 2003 was a great year for technology with Apple launching its revolutionary iTunes service the very same year...

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The office to anywhere

22/04/2015 10:21 by Nick Shepperd
Product Manager - Broadband

I joined Eclipse eight years ago and worked initially on our support desk, it was a simpler world where broadband had just gone 24 Mb, everyone had PCs and mobile working really wasn’t...

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No fibre doesn't mean no luck

20/04/2015 11:27 by Pete Tomlinson
Director of Product, Marketing and Sales

The government has pledged to roll-out superfast broadband to 95 percent of the UK by 2017. Two years is a long time to wait for fast, resilient connectivity in the modern world...

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